2011 Conference workshop session – Skillset and Higher Education

Chris Wensley, Project Director, Skills Media Academies


This workshop will describe the relationship between Skillset, the sector skills council for creative media, and higher education.

Skillset and the creative media industries work collaboratively with higher education to develop new programmes, new modes of delivery, and new centres of excellence around the country. The Skillset Tick is a kitemark of quality indicating the media degrees, colleges and universities that industry feels are best suited to prepare applicants for a career in creative media, and to develop the skills and understandings of those already in work.

For a course or institution to be awarded the Skillset Tick, it will have undergone a rigorous assessment process conducted by professionals working in the creative media industries. The Tick is only awarded to those courses and universities that have the strongest links with industry, and the aim of the process is to ensure that the UK has the most talented workforce in the world for film, television and interactive media


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