2011 Conference workshop session – Work placements in the arts and cultural sector

Work Placements

Dr Kim Allen (Institute for Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University) and Prof. Jocey Quinn (Plymouth University)
Contact: Dr Kim Allen, Institute for Policy Studies in Education, London Metropolitan University, 166-220 Holloway Road, London, N7 8DB. Email: k.allen@londonmet.ac.uk Tel: 020 7133 2620


Work placements are considered a vital way of gaining experience in the arts and cultural sector, and they play a central role in increasing a student’s employability.Yet some students struggle to find and survive a work placement. This can have a significant affect on their employability and future career intentions and does little to overcome the current lack of diversity in the sector.

This presentation will draw upon a study into equality issues in higher education work placements in the arts and cultural sector. The research, commissioned by the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), found that disabled students, black and minority ethnic students, those with caring responsibilities, students from disadvantaged backgrounds and some female students seeking to enter male-dominated sub-sectors face significant barriers to gaining positive work placements.

This presentation will present key findings from the research.  The presentation will aim to foster opportunities for discussion about how equality issues within the higher education work placement process can be addressed by practitioners working in this area to achieve greater parity in the student experience and contribute, ultimately, to greater diversity in the sector.

Additional information:

Further details of the research, including the report, can be read in advance at:  https://www.ecu.ac.uk/news/non-traditional-students-find-it-more-difficult-to-find-work-placements-in-the-arts-and-cultural-sector


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